Financial Audit.

Ensure the reliability of your company

A financial audit consists of a review, by an independent expert, of the economic and financial situation of the company. The auditor’s objective is normally to issue an opinion on the annual accounts of a company and to say whether these accounts reflect a true and fair view of the company.

It improves the transparency of the company and the quality of internal management.

Why do you need an audit?
Reasons to hire this service

A financial audit can be compulsory or voluntary, but in all cases its benefits are many and it enhances the company’s reliability and transparency towards its users. In short, it guarantees the quality and reliability of financial information.

There are cases in which companies are obliged to carry out an audit, although the criteria are many and varied, the most common being the size criterion set out in article 275 of the Capital Companies Act. If two of the requirements are met in two consecutive financial years, an audit must be carried out, as follows:

When total assets exceed 2,850,000 euros.

When the net turnover exceeds 5,700,000 euros.

When the average number of employees during the financial year exceeds 50.

Companies that do not meet the above conditions may carry out an audit on a voluntary basis, complying with the guidelines as if it were mandatory, with the exception of the voluntary nature when it comes to publicizing the audit.

This is a practice followed by many companies to ensure that their annual accounts and accounting information are correct. This creates a climate of confidence in the management and makes it possible to correct deficiencies and failures in management.

It will be the company body itself, the existence of an obligation to a third party as a result of a contract or a part of the shareholders, representing at least 5% of the capital, which can trigger the submission to an audit process when it is voluntary.

Types of financial audit find the service that suits your needs

It is important to know the characteristics of each service in order to identify what the company needs according to its objectives: the concept of “audit” is very broad and does not always fit the company’s needs at a given moment.

Auditing of annual accounts and financial statements (individual and consolidated)

Providing assurance on financial statements gives you a competitive advantage over other companies.

Our audit services provide our clients with a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their business, the effectiveness of key areas and provide more than just an opinion on the annual accounts.

Auditing IFRS/US GAAP financial information

In a global and interconnected market, it is very important to speak the same financial-accounting language, to know and identify the most complex cases of international regulatory environments. The knowledge and experience of our professionals allows us to verify the financial statements under a clear business-oriented approach, with experts in each of the sectors and with extensive experience in the knowledge of financial reporting standards in different countries.

Other reports

Audit of the balance sheet for capital increase.

Audit for capital increase by offsetting credits.

Audit of balance sheet for reduction of share capital.

Limited review of financial statements.

Agreed-upon procedures report.

Internal control report.

Report on verification of subsidies.

Verification of the statement of non-financial information.

Independent expert report.


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