Financial consultancy.

A service adapted to your company

Financial consultancy should be understood as a service tailored to the needs of each company. There are no standardized or generic solutions; they depend on each situation.

A solid financial department improves the quality, efficiency and control of the business.

At One Firm Consulting we provide our knowledge and best practices in organization, management and operations to lay the foundations for this objective.

To do so, we help our clients in different ways:

– Definition of the needs of the financial department according to the characteristics of the business.

– Diagnosis of the department’s situation.

– Identification of best practices in the sector and opportunities in the organization and in the technology used.

– Sector productivity and profitability comparisons.

– Organizational redesign (profiles, roles, organizational structure, etc.).

– Centralization of functions in cases where there are several management units.

– Definition of integrated reporting models that serve the different users to whom the financial departments provide services.

– Development of instruments for control and optimization of cash, liquidity and working capital to increase the efficiency of daily operations, visibility and control.

– Cost management and optimization systems.

Specialized advice on company restructuring


It is possible to avoid insolvency or overcome it before resorting to insolvency proceedings. We study restructuring plans as a mechanism to get out of this situation.

Law 16/2022, reforming the revised text of the Insolvency Act, entails a profound revision of our pre-insolvency and insolvency system.

Restructuring plans are a pre-insolvency instrument that replaces approved refinancing agreements and out-of-court payment agreements, with greater flexibility than the former.

At One Firm Consulting we offer comprehensive advice on corporate restructuring.

Advice on company valuation

The valuation of a company is a basic exercise that requires some technical knowledge and improves with experience. 

Common sense and technical knowledge are necessary in order not to lose sight of: What is being done, why is the valuation being done in a certain way, and for what and for whom is the valuation being done? Almost all errors in valuation are due to a failure to adequately answer one of these questions, i.e. a lack of knowledge or a lack of common sense (or a lack of both).

In-Company Training and Recruitment

We provide our clients with in-company training programs adapted to the specific needs of each company, taking into account its sector and size.

At the same time, we carry out selection processes for key personnel in the financial area. Thanks to having been financial managers in companies, we have a great deal of experience in this field.

Sale and purchase of companies (M&A)

The sale and purchase process is structured in several phases, some of which are carried out successively, while others can be carried out simultaneously.

If you want to sell a business, the first step is to make an objective valuation of the business in order to set a market price range that is acceptable to potential buyers.

Once we have a potential buyer or seller and a preliminary offer on the table, the next step is to formalize a Letter of Intent (LOI, Memorandum of Understanding or MOU).

Due Diligence

In addition to agreeing on the timeframe for the buyer’s advisors to conduct the financial, legal and tax review of the company to be acquired, the parties can regulate in the LOI any other relevant aspects of the Due Diligence. For example, if the Due Diligence will be carried out by uploading the documents to the cloud (Virtual Data Room or VDR) so that the buyer and its advisors can review them from there, or if the documents will be made available to the buyer in paper format in a controlled physical space.

At One Firm we provide services to our clients to carry out Financial, Tax and Legal Due Diligence and advise on M&A processes.


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