Comprehensive legal advice services

At One Firm Legal we have a team made up of lawyers specialized in commercial law who offer tailor-made advice with a strategic and global vision in the recurring vicissitudes in this area of practice, as well as in the defense and exercise of all types of actions derived from the commercial and business sphere.

We work under principles of quality, honesty and confidentiality for each client, offering a comprehensive solution and always in search of excellence.

Commercial advice

We provide comprehensive advice to companies, dealing with areas such as the incorporation of companies, amendment of articles of association, board secretaries, shareholders’ agreements, capital increases and reductions, secretarial services for administrative bodies, transfer of shares or company holdings and, in general, all types of recurring corporate issues.

Public and private M&A transactions

We provide advice both in the preliminary agreement and negotiation phase, as well as in the audit or due diligence phase and in the closing of the transaction. Our multidisciplinary team allows us to understand the peculiarities of each case and provide contextualized advice, saving time and costs, and identifying and anticipating the risks present in any operation.

Corporate Governance

We study, negotiate and establish the relationships between the board of directors, the board of management, shareholders and other stakeholders, in order to stipulate the rules governing the company’s value-creating decision-making process (investments, mergers and acquisitions, executive appointments, succession planning, compliance).

Corporate restructuring

The firm has extensive experience in bankruptcy law, restructuring and insolvency, as debtor’s lawyers, assisting the debtor from the moment prior to the declaration of bankruptcy until the conclusion of the same, including the analysis of the liability of administrators, negotiations with creditors, banking entities, public administrations, company restructuring, etc.

Likewise, from the point of view of the creditors, we provide services for the management of bankruptcy claims, challenging of reports, termination of contracts, defense in reinstatement actions, study of the agreement or liquidation plan and measures leading to the recovery of the credit.

Ongoing commercial advice to family offices and industrial clients

We assist clients by advising them on the vicissitudes and fulfilment of their recurring obligations in the commercial field, both contractual (commercial, agency or distribution contracts, franchise or supply contracts, works contracts, personal and in rem guarantees, etc.) and corporate (board secretaries, family protocol, amendments to the articles of association, etc.).

We also implement and supervise the establishment of individualized prevention plans for legal entities, consisting of the establishment and monitoring of compliance with programs to ensure that all members of an organization comply with the regulations in force.

Advice and assistance in litigation and arbitration for individuals, companies and public bodies.

Protection of intellectual and industrial property rights (patents and trademarks).

Liability actions (contractual, extra-contractual, infringement of competition rules).

Corporate and commercial disputes (unfair competition, disputes between shareholders, liability actions against directors, challenging corporate resolutions, enforcement of shareholders’ agreements, bankruptcy proceedings and requests for precautionary measures).

Civil and commercial contracts (urban leases and horizontal property, agency/distribution/franchise contracts, insurance, real estate contracts, general contracting conditions, interpretation, validity and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts, claims for payment).

Enforcement proceedings (provisional enforcement of court decisions, real and personal guarantees, bills of exchange, payment and exchange proceedings, judgments and arbitration awards).

Banking contracts. Complex banking products, mortgage law, vulture funds, abusive clauses in loans, damages for banking malpractice.

Arbitration area. Advice related to arbitration proceedings.

Unfair competition and defence of competition.


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