Tax advice for businesses

We provide comprehensive advice in the tax field, in order to cover all the needs of a company and its partners to optimise their taxes and control their tax risks.

We are specialists in offering a quality service based on our experience, technical training and client orientation.

The main lines of business are:

Recurrent tax advice

Regulatory compliance

Tax optimization

Assistance in tax inspections

Our main business segment is companies, and we are familiar with all the tax regulations that apply to each facet of their business.

We advise on compliance with recurring tax obligations, with a view to optimizing taxation by taking advantage of the incentives offered by the regulations. We resolve tax issues that arise in the day-to-day running of a business and help to defend our clients’ interests in tax inspection procedures.

Our aim is to make it easier for them to ensure that taxation does not hinder the growth of their business.

Tax advice on special transactions

Sale and purchase of companies

Corporate restructuring transactions

Reorganization of personal assets



Tax appeals

We are specialists in:

Family Business Taxation

Sales and restructurings

Tax groups

Real estate taxation

International taxation

Personal advice (income-wealth-successions)

Advice on M&A

We advise on the sale and purchase of companies, both from the seller’s side to optimize the taxation of the divestment and from the buyer’s side to help them assess and mitigate any tax risks that may exist.

We prepare tax due diligence reports.

Business restructuring

We analyze the different alternatives for reorganizing your business assets without taxation being an obstacle.

In operations such as mergers, spin-offs, exchanges of securities, contributions of assets, etc., we assess compliance with the necessary requirements to be able to apply the special tax neutrality regime.

We assist in the execution of these operations.

Main tasks in tax consultancy

Proactive advice on tax regulations in order to optimize the taxation of a company and its shareholders and, at the same time, to comply with all tax obligations in due time and form.

Informed response to tax queries.

Advice on the most optimal tax structure for new investments.

Advice on the purchase and sale of companies.

Advice on company restructuring, within the framework of the special tax regime foreseen for mergers, spin-offs, contributions of assets and exchange of securities.

Notification of new tax developments.

Control of compliance with tax obligations and assistance in the documentary justification of matters with tax implications.

Preparation of responses to administrative requirements and appeals against tax assessments.

Assistance in tax inspections.

Preparation of corporate income tax settlements and their instalments.

Advice on deductions to encourage the performance of certain activities, such as the deduction for R&D&I activities, investments in film productions, job creation for disabled workers, etc.

Advice on the tax consolidation regime for corporate income tax purposes.

Advice on the VAT group of entities regime.

Advice on indirect taxes that may be applicable to the different activities of a company (i.e. VAT, ITPAJD, IAE, municipal capital gains tax, withholdings, etc.).

Preparation of self-assessments of Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax.

Advice on the Solidarity Tax on Major Fortunes.

Advice on Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Coordination and dialogue with other tax consultancy firms in the event that their services are necessary due to the specialty of the matter, in order to optimize a company’s costs when contracting external advisors and maximize the results to be obtained for such services.


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